"We are what we eat" - is an expression familiar to everyone. That is why many want to make your diet is not only delicious, but also useful.But Americans are always surprised by how and do not want to listen to common sense. The real sensation of cooking in restaurants of this country have become ... Glowing Sushi, glowing in the dark sushi made ​​from fish with GMOs.

Thank you for sending the material Anura.
He has been in the same region of Azerbaijan and stumbled into the local McDonald's.
Let's see how it looks.

 A collection of macro-fotograyi eggs (larvae of the future, not what you think) insects. 1. Egg is an unknown insect. (C) Picture Esk Insects tend to lay their eggs into the environment, however, sometimes the larvae hatch from them back in the abdomen of the females and appear out into the light "live."

 We already had a post about the Chinese stick.
Today, yet another creation. The principle of operation is the same. 

 If a person - a fanatic, this is serious. Dog lovers and movie fans are sometimes combined into odnm man. And then the animals suffer ...

 This adorable polar bear was rescued in the Chukotka region, where poachers killed its mother.
He died from starvation, but managed to recover.
picked him up and people lived in a Moscow apartment.

 A small plane made an emergency landing on a highway due to lack of fuel and was hit by a car (VW Golf). Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt. It happened in the USA (California).

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